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Founded in 2008, SPACE's activity is direct sales ( and the distribution of records (CDs and vinyls) as well as exports via a solid network of partners.


Our artists in exclusive distribution in Europe: Carroté (Propagande distribution Québec) - Florent Vollant (Instinct Musique Québec) - Samuele (In Tempo Musique Québec) - Steve Hill (No Label Records Québec) - as well as the artists from the Propagande distribution catalog (Canada) ...

Artists only in Export distribution: Electro Deluxe (Stardown) - - Orange Blossom (Washi Washa) - Pablo Moses, Sam Mangwana & Wasis Diop (Grounded Music) - Artists in song, jazz or world music in the catalog of the French distributor L ' Other Distribution.


Regarding export distribution, our regional partners are: Broken Silence (GSA & Scandinavia) / Karonte (Spain) / Propaganda Distribution (Canada-USA-Mexico) / Wrasse Records (UK) ...


The territories covered are mainly: Germany / Austria / Benelux / Canada / Spain / France / Mexico / United Kingdom / Scandinavia / Switzerland / USA ...

Rosanna Granieri

Co-founder and manager of SPACE SARL with a capital of 16,000 euros, born in Montreal (Qc). Training in Political Economy in Vincennes, Law at La Varenne St-Hilaire and Advertising in Montreal. First steps in the music sector in France in 1977.

Based in Canada from 90 to 97, touches on almost all sectors - entertainment, management, promotion, publishing, records, written press and radio - focusing mainly on the development of world music in Quebec.

Back in France, held the position of Deputy Director of Zone Franche then Director of Export and International Development at Night & Day, Inca Production and M10. Europe manager of the Quebec label Les Disques Victoire from 2006 to 2016, supports the development of Mes Aïeux and Alexandre Poulin in this region.

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(photo Samuele)

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Julien Aubert

responsible for development

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