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Listening / VEDAN KOLOD


Wild games

SKU: 0011

Format: CD 11 tracks

Label: CPL-Music (Broken Silence)

Genre: World / Mongolian

Country: Mongolia

Ref: CD21123-SP

EAN: 4251329500252

Eighth studio album by Siberian folk trio VEDAN KOLOD, "Wild Games" celebrates their 15th anniversary and still pursues its major goal: to maintain the centuries-old musical tradition of their country! This is the first album since the "Gorodische" released in 2014. With "Wild Games", the trio leaves behind their intense preoccupation with medieval sounds and continues the first album "Tribes" of 2005, which deals with musical tradition. shamanic of Siberia. "Wild Games" was recorded live and has only been edited very moderately. The background of the album are the Siberian forests that have been burning since 2019 and the poor ecological developments of the Siberian taiga, in which the ancestors of the trio already lived. Despite the harsh outdoor conditions: “Wild Games” is an album which is shaped by the band members' love for the harsh Siberian nature and its wildlife. The animals and their "endless game with death" are the central themes of the album's composition.


Price: € 11.52 (CD)

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