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The Best Of

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Format: 22-track digital album


Genre: French song

Swiss country

Ref: AP 20-02N

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Special edition exclusively digital

A singular and recognizable voice, songs that hit the mark with their melodic meaning and their beautiful writing…, this is what has characterized Célina Ramsauer for more than 2 decades, author, composer, performer, actress and producer born and living in Switzerland. Working with artistic material like a craftsman, with authenticity as a breadcrumb trail, she sings about the human, the respect for diversity, the child, the questions of life, the need to exist, the transmission and the live together.

On the strength of a career punctuated by 8 albums, concerts in more than 100 countries and notable encounters (including Georges Moustaki, for a duo, two Olympia, a co-stage tour, a new song written and performed together), Célina Ramsauer brings together here 21 of his songs among the most outstanding in his repertoire and the most significant of his writing, as well as an unpublished title, Faudrait We Remember , a post-confinement song recorded a few months ago for celebrate the rediscovered freedom, the joy of being together, of living and of loving, and the need to remember it.

Note the presence - on a few titles of this Best Of - of guest artists such as Georges Seba and the Paris Gospel Choir, Henri DÃ ©, Teofilo Chantre, Georges Moustaki, Michael Jones, Robson Galdino, Richard Bona and Marc Berthoumieux.